Sonido Musica

The Power of Partnerships

Sonido Musica is a music partnership program between the Springfield Public Schools and Community Music School of Springfield. Sonido Musica aims to reduce high school drop-out rates through student engagement, leadership and performance opportunities.

Sonido Musica continues to reach out to our students during the covid19 school closure through our new Youtube Channel.

Students in Sonido Musica participate in weekly hour long classes on their chosen instrument (violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or drums) led by CMSS faculty. Ensemble music instruction at a young age helps children excel academically, socially, and creatively. Students experience increased capacity for positive social interaction and critical thinking, increased self-esteem, and a way to relate in the community in a positive and healthy manner. Sonido Musica participants have demonstrated increased attendance and decreased disciplinary incidents compared to non-participants.


Sonido Musica was a catalyst for the Springfield Public Schools’ investment in hiring music and arts teachers across the district

Having begun in 2012 in 3 middle schools and 60 students, Sonido Musica, along with offshoots Sonido Holyoke (Holyoke Public Schools) and String Village (charter and parochial schools) now serves over 1,000 students weekly in elementary, middle and high schools. Sonido Musica was a catalyst for the Springfield Public Schools’ decision in 2019 to invest $2.6 million in hiring music and arts teachers across the district. Sonido Musica teaching artists will continue to support these new music educators in the schools, providing instruction to additional students and leading smaller breakout groups. Sonido Musica is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which receives support from the State of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Sonido Musica is also supported by D’Addario Foundation and The Beveridge Family Foundation.

Sonido Musica is a critical part of making arts education accessible to under-served people. If you would like to support our efforts, please make a gift today.

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