Music Therapy

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Music Therapy at CMSS

Jen Kass posing in front of brick wall with student and holding a guitar

Music Therapy is offered at CMSS for children and adults with developmental delays, special education students, and individuals diagnosed with autism, emotional issues or other needs. Music Therapy sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each participant, and we welcome family and caregiver involvement in helping us create an experience that is impactful and supportive.

Our certified Music Therapist uses a clinical and evidence-based approach, working alongside participants to develop life skills and accomplish individualized goals. Common focuses include communication and self-expression, emotional awareness and expression, promoting independence, gross and fine motor development, social skills, coping skills, and cognitive skills.

Our registration team is available to discuss our program and your family’s specific needs. Music Therapy is billed at $120 per session. CMSS understands the cost challenges of Music Therapy, so please ask about our financial aid opportunities. Music Therapy may also be covered by your health insurance! Please call your insurance provider to find out if arts therapy is covered under your health plan.


Music Therapist

Jennifer L Kass (MA, MT-BC) graduated from Clark University with a B.A. in Music and earned her M.A. in Music Therapy at Lesley University. She is certified by the Certification Board of Music Therapists. In addition to her work as a music therapist, Jen is also a visual artist and photographer.

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