Ensembles at CMSS

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The benefits of playing in an ensemble are many, including improved communication, musicality and expression, intonation, and leadership skills–everything you need to take your playing to the next level! Ensembles give students an opportunity to utilize all of the knowledge they have gained in their private lessons. Think of this is as “the big game” you have been working towards each week during sports practice.

Small Group Ensembles

Small group ensembles, also known as chamber ensembles, are comprised of 3-5 musicians and perform pieces of music without a conductor. These groups will be organized based on age (adults are also welcome), development level, genre of interest, and other factors to ensure the best possible grouping. Each group will meet regularly with a faculty coach for a set number of weeks culminating in a concert performance.

Students interested in joining a small group ensemble can contact Tim Skinner at tskinner@communitymusicschool.comcreate new email to get started.


Large Group Ensembles

CMSS offers a wide range of ensembles that meet on a weekly basis and offer students the opportunity to learn and play with their peers of a similar level of experience.

Children’s Chorus of Springfield

City Chorus

Guitar Ensemble

Joyful Voices

StillCan Band


String City Orchestra

Youth Wind Ensemble of Springfield

A full list of CMSS’ ensembles can be found here. On the left side of that page, you can browse ensembles by age group and type.


CMSS Perform-A-Thon