Student Recitals

large music hall
Robyn Newhouse Hall
Recitals are an important part of a well-rounded music education.

Performing in front of peers, family, and community members is a great way to showcase the growth being made in private lessons as well as help show the teacher what things to focus on in future lessons. In the same way that sports have games and matches, recitals are a way to put to the test things you have only trained for in a closed environment. Performing in front of an audience builds confidence and self-assurance, and allows students to be recognized for their achievements by their community. CMSS offers a wide range of recital opportunities, and together with your teacher you can easily choose an option that suits you.


Studio Recitals

Studio recitals are organized by your private lesson teacher, usually once per year in May or June. During these recitals you will be able to showcase what you have been working on in private lessons throughout the year, as well as hear what other students in their studio have been working on. It is a moment of celebration for both the faculty and student!

Performance Potlucks

Performance potlucks take place every 1-2 months. These performance opportunities have a laid back, open-mic style feel, allowing students to perform pieces they have been working on in front of a small audience, with the option to receive feedback. Both a potluck of musical contributions and a traditional potluck, attendees are welcome to bring snacks to enjoy at the end of the performances.

Age-Based Recitals

Age based recitals are a newer addition to the performance opportunities offered here at CMSS. They take place twice per year; once in the fall and once in the spring. These recitals are organized into age ranges:  4-7,  8-10,  11-13,  14-17,  and adult. These age based recitals include motivational support and guidance specific to the age group performing, provided by our very own CMSS faculty. This is a fun, unique opportunity for you to experience a sense of community among students around the same age, regardless of their instrument.

Merit Scholar Recitals

Merit Scholars are CMSS students who have received a financial award to extend their lesson time due to their extraordinary commitment and dedication to their musical practice. Merit Scholars perform in various community events throughout the year as well as at least one dedicated Merit Scholar Recital in June.


Our Performance Space

Community Music School of Springfield is housed in a historic Art Deco bank building in the heart of downtown Springfield. CMSS student recitals are held in Robyn Newhouse Hall, formerly the bank’s lobby, which has been beautifully renovated and is highlighted by historic features including a spectacular 1933 mural of the American urban landscape by Carroll Bill.

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