Adaptive Music Program

About AMP

The Adaptive Music Program (AMP) connects music and special education to improve students’ lives, targeting social/emotional, academic, and artistic development. Over 20% of the student population in Springfield is differently abled, and this number is increasing. Music is a proven and effective tool to unlocking learning potential in differently abled students, yet the majority of this population does not have access to musical instruction that is adapted to their needs.

Current AMP Services

  • Music instruction for diverse learners in public schools and education centers throughout the Pioneer Valley. Each program is specifically tailored to the needs of the school and their student population.
  • Professional development workshops for educators
  • Fellowship program for emerging teaching artists
  • Free YouTube Channel as a resource for students, parents, and teachers.

AMP during COVID-19 School Closures

AMP is working with our partners in Springfield and Northampton Public Schools to ensure that students and faculty are not placed at unnecessary risk. All AMP services are offered remotely and shared instruments are suspended indefinitely. Fall 2020 students will participate in live virtual music classes as well as have access to over 70 pre-recorded videos on our YouTube Channel.

What we do

We work directly with differently abled students in the classroom, teaching music classes designed to include all learners. We train and support music teachers in strategies and techniques for reaching their differently abled students. We also train and support special education teachers in integrating music and arts into their teaching.

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