Adaptive Music Program / Sonido Musica

I-SHEA is a Teaching Artist in CMSS’ Sonido Musica and Adaptive Music Programs, reaching hundreds of youth each week in Springfield and Holyoke Public Schools. I-SHEA is an eclectic International ARTist (performing/recording/teaching artist), a Thriver, an Advocate for social systemic change, a Humanitarian sharing space on this plane. Irene “I-SHEA” Shaikly has carved her way into various musical frames integrating her multicultural background in her music, style, and presentation. I-SHEA, who calls herself “The Original Jewminican,” (a Dominican and Jewish woman with an Arabic last name) is a global drummer/percussionist, emcee, singer/songwriter, dancer, theater, and teaching artist originally from the Bronx, NY. She has taken her work to Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Senegal West Africa, and Jamaica continuing on her journey as a global citizen of the arts and the world. Building connections and community through performance art, education, and organizing, her mission is to spread the movement of universal love and truth, to continue to inspire and motivate individuals to seek their highest authentic selves through storytelling, music, movement/dance, theater, and poetry. She is a member of Gokh bi system.

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