Trevor Pitts

Percussion / Sonido Musica

Trevor Pitts is a native of Springfield who came to find his passion in percussion at the age of 10 while visiting different churches in the New England area. In his early years he began taking lessons and guidance from legendary musician/percussionist Billy Arnold. Not only did Billy teach him about technique & musicianship but to always strive to do your best no matter what with a great attitude. After years of practice and playing he went on to accompany in numerous bands & ensembles in various genres such as The Charles Majid Greenlee Jazz Ensemble, Ethel Lee, The Jus Us Band, John Hanifin Band & a host of many singers, groups & poets. He also has been a member and musician for St. Johns Congregational Church for the past 17 years. His influences include drummers Teddy Campbell, Stanley Randolph, Sonny Emory, Richard Bailey, Buddy Rich, Philly Jo Jones, Dennis Chambers and many more. Today he continues to work to inspire people just as those that came before did for him.

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Trevor Pitts playing drum set and smiling

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