Tune in and Celebrate Summer!

In partnership with the Springfield Public Schools, CMSS is helping Springfield continue to learn and make music this summer.

The Springfield Public Schools’ summer school programming this year includes chances for students to win prizes, make and listen to music, and creatively express themselves through fun enrichment projects. CMSS’ Sonido Musica program will be offering a special musical component that provides students with weekly opportunities to win instruments and music lessons. A musical performance at the end of the summer program will give winning students a chance to share their new musical talents with the community. The program also provides opportunities for students to turn everyday household items (found sounds) into musical instruments for community-based and/or virtual performances.

Summer Concerts

Sonido Musica teaching artists Rick Marshall, Tara Murphy, Dean Yalanis and Trevor Pitts will provide socially-distanced performances at various locations throughout the city on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime to coincide with free school lunch pickup. For a list of pickup locations, click here.

Early Start Music Instruction

CMSS’ offerings for Early Start will include bucket drumming instructional videos from Rick Marshall, African Dance video instruction from Tara Murphy, and recorder instruction from Eleni Yalanis. For the culminating activity, Rick Marshall will lead Sonido faculty for a series of Second Line Parade/Rhythmic Extravaganza drumming celebrations with found sounds that will take place across the city in the students’ neighborhoods.

CMSS Perform-A-Thon