In-Person Learning at CMSS

Offering In-Person and Virtual Music Lessons

CMSS is offering in-person programming, and remote lessons are still available if desired. Health and safety protocols remain in place to protect all members of our community.

Our summer session starts on June 28th, and we’re happy to announce increased opportunities for in-person lessons!

Mask use:

  • Masks must be worn by individuals ages 5+ in CMSS hallways, stairwells, reception, and common areas.
  • During a lesson, if a student keeps their mask on, faculty are asked to also keep their mask on.

For those who have been vaccination:

  • Fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff may choose to remove their masks in instructional or work spaces.

When at CMSS:

  • Students must sign a COVID-19 Liability Waiver upon the first in-person visit to the school (which will be kept on file all summer).
  • Parents/guardians do not need to accompany their children into the studio, but no extra visitors (like siblings) may wait in the studio, hallways, or reception areas during the lesson.
    • Exception: Siblings also scheduled for in-person lessons may wait with their parent/guardian.

Vocalists and “high risk” instrumentalists:

  • Students/faculty who are vocalists or play “high risk” instruments will have lessons scheduled in CMSS’ outdoor lesson space (musician’s mask and bell cover may be removed when playing outdoors) or in a large indoor studio space (musician’s mask and bell cover must remain in place when playing a “high risk” instrument indoors). 
    • Exception: Students/faculty who are vocalists or play “high risk” instruments may show proof of vaccination in order to have a lesson scheduled in a large indoor studio space (musician’s mask and bell cover may be removed).

CMSS is taking its cues from the CDC and Springfield Public Schools, and we’re being mindful that much of our student population (children under 12 years of age) doesn’t yet have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. As safety protocols and recommendations change in our area we will continue to lift our restrictions as well.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we navigate this exciting transition this summer!

Resources for In-Person programming at CMSS

CMSS provides an unparalleled remote learning experience using the Virtulessons platform.

We invite you to learn more about remote lessons by watching these short videos.

Our faculty love the VirtuLessons online platform. 

Here’s what they have to say:

“Virtulessons offers great audio and video for the lessons and the platform is well organized. I can share files or documents easily and the system sends lesson notifications, keeping everyone informed and on the same page.”

-Olivia Min Noh

“Virtulessons offers a wonderful way to reach students through not just video, but also with interactive white boards. Here students and teachers will have the ability to draw on music or instrument diagrams as another way to communicate.”

-Karl Knapp

“I am most excited for the convenience and simplification that Virtulessons brings to remote teaching. No more weekly zoom links or sending music individually to each student for them to have to print or download ahead of time.”

-Ava D’Agostino

“The musical games will capture the students’ attention to help them enjoy not only playing the instruments but also to understand the importance of music theory.”

-Yoonhee Ko


And we’d love to share a parent’s perspective with you, too:

“Virtulessons offers a unique option over FaceTime or Zoom, as it allows you to both see your instructor and collaborate with them on sheet music or other visual materials in real time. The ability to dissect materials and markup lessons with your instructor is fun, and having notes from each session saved [in your profile] makes it easier to stay on track between lessons.

From a parent’s perspective, I appreciate that the connection between my children and their teachers goes beyond just the video interaction and allows them to focus on the music theory on the screen without the need to print off a bunch of things ahead of time. Logging in and launching lessons is simple, and the lesson points and historical notes make it fun for students to track their progress along the way.”

-Jay Therrien, parent of three CMSS students and CMSS board member

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