CMSS Interns 2023-24

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As part of our Arnold-Miller Cultural Heritage Program, CMSS provides paid internships to help young people in Springfield develop skills will help them succeed in their careers. This internship program developed out of an overwhelming demand from our current and former students and their families for opportunities to be part of CMSS’ work, as well as an identified need in our community for career building for young people that develop our future workforce and contribute to our local economy.

As an organization dedicated to lifting up our community and shining a light on its assets, CMSS works hard to foster an organizational culture that supports personal and professional growth and fulfillment. In keeping with these values, interns are paid a living wage, treated with respect, and provided with individualized education and training in the areas that interest them.

About 2023-24 School Year Interns

Raul Maldonado, Sonido Musica Intern

My name is Raul. I am a proud Puerto Rican trumpet player who was born and raised in the great city of Springfield. My goal in life is to spread the gift of music to as many as I can and this goal of mine was conceived in the band room of the High School of Science and Technology in Springfield. In particular, Mr. Gary Bernice was the main person that gave me that spark to want to teach. I first touched my current main instrument in 9th grade (2015) and from there I fell in love with music as a whole. During high school I was given lessons at CMSS by the awesome Jeremy Turgeon and after high school, I went on to attend the music program at Holyoke Community College where I was given private trumpet lessons by Dr. Peter Grimaldi. After receiving my associates degree, I transferred to Westfield State University where I improved my skills on the trumpet thanks to the amazing Dr. Karen LaVoie. Currently, I am striving to be the best music educator I can be at the high school level and I hope that my future consists of inspiring young minds to express their creativity not only through brass instruments which is my specialty but through music in general.

Richard Parris Scott, Event Support Intern

Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Richard Parris-Scott is a self-taught composer, musician, and actor who is dedicated to music and live performance. In the past, they’ve had the opportunity to grace the stage of The Majestic Theater in “Mamma Mia the Musical” and “The Buddy Holly Story”, The Multicultural Arts Center in “Hear Her Sing For Freedom”, and Boston Symphony Hall in the 2020 All-State Choir. One of their goals as an artist is to inspire and empower others to move forward in the direction that they so choose. At the age of 21, they’re embarking on this goal by partnering with the Community Music School of Springfield.

Manuel Miranda, Front Desk and Enrollment Intern

My name is Manuel Miranda (Manny), I’m 22 years old, I’m from West Springfield, Massachusetts and I went to Framingham State University where I studied history and marketing and I graduated this past May. Some things that I love to do are go on hikes and runs, go to the gym, watch history documentaries, listen to music, and spend time with friends, and try new foods.

Juan Gomez, Prelude Preschool Intern

Hello, my name is Juan Gómez. I’m from Tallahassee, FL, and I’m attending school at Springfield College. I’m entering my last semester studying Psychology with a minor in Philosophy and music. I’m on the Springfield College Men’s Gymnastics Team, and I play guitar for the Springfield College Band. As well as my Band, “N30”, we play anything from Jazz, blues, rock, Neo Soul, chill, etc. My goals for the future involve being a part of music in any way I can. I hope to bring people closer together through music. This shared feeling we connect with between people, melody, rhythm, and voice. As well as the union of others to provide this sense of feeling. I hope to be a link, or rather a connection, to help create this community of music and to bring others to feel. My goal is to become an artist and release my songs. However, I would be more than happy to be a session musician or involved in another band with the same goal. In the future, I’d like to continue studying this relationship between music and the mind. I hope to observe and learn more about this relationship during my time at CMSS. Prelude Preschool of the Arts has given me plenty of opportunities to engage in this observation, as well as giving me opportunities to learn teaching methods and communication with younger children. I hope to use these skills and values as I take the next step in counseling or Music Therapy.

Berenice Cruz, Prelude Preschool Intern

Hi! My name is Berenice Cruz I am 17 years old and currently assist to Springfield Honors Academy. I am interested in entering the psychology field, specifically working with little kids. Which is why I am working with different age groups at CMSS. From kids in the preschool to middle school kids in their choir. I want to learn how kids grow and develop in their environment and how I can help them. I hope to gain experience to reach my goal of graduating in child psychology.

Jennifer Cruz, Prelude Preschool Intern

Hello everyone, I’m Jennifer Cruz. You might recognize me as a friendly face at the front desk. During the past year I’ve enjoyed working with families in CMSS’s enrollment team.  My passion for working with kids and my love for music have led me to the prelude preschool internship. I’m currently studying music at HCC with the intent of becoming a music educator. I have always been drawn to the idea of making a positive impact on young minds. This internship presents an incredible opportunity for me to explore and discover working with kids. As I embark on this journey, I’m eager to learn from the wonderful people in this community. The warmth and support I’ve received here during my own educational path have inspired me to contribute to the community that has nurtured and taught me so much. I look forward to creating a nurturing environment where every child can thrive, explore, and experience the joy of music education.

Lauren Parker, Prelude Preschool Intern

My name is Lauren Parker from Longmeadow MA. I am currently attending school at HCC getting my Lead Teacher certification and a degree in early childhood education. It is an honor to be able to be a part of the CMSS family and make a difference in the community. I look forward to working with you all this school year. My dream is to open up a forest preschool of my own to help my community raise children who are authentic, kind, and collaborative. By fostering an environment of warmth and exploration, it is my goal to nurture the developmental skills each child needs in order to thrive. So if you see me around, feel free to say hello. I always love to get to know the different families and their stories!

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