Keith Curbow

Guitar / Music Production / Clarinet / Saxophone

Keith Curbow has been teaching public school instrumental and electronic music since 2015. Keith earned a Bachelors of Music in Jazz Studies and Master of Arts in Music Education from New York University, where he enjoyed studying with Dave Pietro, Lenny Pickett and Eastern European music with guitarist Brad Shepik. Primarily an improviser and arranger, Keith composes and arranges for his gig band the “Keith Curbow Studio Band” which plays pop/funk hits for horns. Keith records “Chill Wave” guitar in the home studio. With a life of music that began early, Keith has spent significant time studying the violin, saxophone, guitar and woodwinds. Teaching music remains the primary focus of Keith’s professional work in music and loves to help students both train on the fundamentals and express oneself creatively. To Keith, music is a special gift that students of all ages and all abilities have the opportunity to enjoy.

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