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Payment Information

Payment Information

Length of Lesson                Tuition for Semester        Full Year Tuition

30-minutes                          $630.00                              $1,260.00
45-minutes                          $810.00                               $1,620.00
60-minutes                          $1,080.00                           $2,160.00

Individual Instruction: Students have the choice of the following (3) payment options:

Paid in Full
You may either pay for one full year OR twice a year (the first semester payment due at the
time of registration and the second payment due January 15, 2017). For students who choose this option, you will 5% discount on the total tuition.

Auto Pay
If this is the option you choose, we will ask you to fill out an authorization form giving us authority to charge your credit card each month. You will continue to receive a monthly bill via email for your records.

Monthly Billing
If this option is chosen, students must pay the registration fee and the four lesson deposit at the time of registration. The remaining nine payments will be due on the 15th of each month from September through May.

Groups & Ensembles
You may either pay in full for the year or in 2 semester increments.

PLEASE NOTE: In the effort of “going green” CMSS will now be emailing monthly bills. If you do not have the ability to receive emails, we will be able to make other accommodations at the time of registration. The school policy requires payments to be made by the 15th of the month regardless of whether or not a bill is received. CMSS accepts payments in the form of checks, money orders, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.  Please note that no cash payments will be accepted.

Policies and Procedures 2016-17

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